Hotel Jobs in Middle East

In the past years the job offers in hotels in Middle East has been incrvivir-y-trabajar-en-medio-orienteeased considerably, especially in touristic cities such as Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi among others. CAUX Hospitality recruits Latin American personnel of all levels to work in Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Middle East.

General Information about Hotel Jobs:

  1. Start Dates: there is no specific start date for the Hotel Jobs in Middle East as we recruit personnel throughout the year.como-consigo-trabajo-en-dubai
  2. Contracts: the length of the contracts are minimum for 2 years with the possibility to extend. Once the employee is hired by the hotel or restaurant, the employee will get his contract and the company will process the working permit which is sent to the employee by email.
  3. Salaries: are paid in the local currency of each country (AED o QAR) and are free of taxes with most of the expenses covered by the company and some positions also get tips.
  4. Shifts: it is usually required to work 6 days a week with an average of 48 hrs.
  5. Accommodation, Meals, Transportation and Other Benefits: in this aspect working in Middle East is quite similar to working on cruise shipstrabajar-en-medio-oriente because most of the expenses are covered by the employer who provides the meals during working hours (in same cases also out of those hours), free transportation from the accommodation to the hotel/restaurant, free accommodation with all the services, medical insurance, working permit, round trip flight ticket. In most of the cases the employer also provides the uniforms.  The accommodation could be in private or shared room in an employee campus or in an apartment ranging from 1 to 3 rooms which varies according to the employer and position.  Couples who are not legally married will not be able to live together.
  6. Holidays: depending on the position, he/she will have 3 or 4 weeks of paid holidays a year. The employee will be also entitle to one flight back home every 2 years except for management level position that have it once a year.

Job Requirement for Hotels in Middle East:

The requirements will depend on the position and the type and category of the property but in general terms those are:trabajar-en-dubai

  1. To have good level of conversational English. Positions in direct contact with the guests or higher hierarchical level will require higher level of English.
  2. To have 2 years of working experience in the position in 4/5 star hotels/restaurants.
  3. For entry level or staff positions the average age is from 21 to 32 years old and for Management positions between 28 and 35 years.
  4. Considering that they are full time job offers the ideal is to hire Candidates who have finished with their studies.
  5. To be in general good health.quiero-vivir-en-dubai
  6. To be willing to relocate to Middle East for 2 years.

To apply for a job in Middle East you just need to submit your CV, preferably in English to Before to send it we suggest you to read our “TIPs to make your CV”. The below salaries are in the local currency of each country, to know conversion rates click aquí. Always keep in mind all the above benefits offered by the employers.


It is not necessary to have a working permit to apply for the jobs in Middle East. If the employer wants to hire you they will process your permit and do all the paper work.

Yes, the minimum age is 21 years old and there is no maximum however the average employees are quite young so employers usually do not hire people of more than 35 years.

Usually 6 days a week with one day off.

In general 8 hrs. per day 6 days a week.

Yes, we are located in Buenos Aires however we recruit personnel from all countries and nationalities in Latin America and some other countries. In addition it is not necessary to travel to Buenos Aires to do the interview as you can also do it on skype.

Yes, there is no problem for couples to apply together however they should be aware that in Muslim countries only those legally married can live together.

The required English level will mainly depend of the position you will perform however you must be able to keep a conversation. It is important to mention that interviews are conducted in English in person or via skype therefore if you cannot keep a conversation and understand what they are telling you then there is no point to apply. For those positions in direct contact with the guests the level required is higher and in many cases it is necessary to speak other languages.

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