Hotel Internships in USA

The Internships in USA (also known as Training Programs in USA)pasantias-en-estados-unidos have been designed so Participants can meet and learn from the American culture as well as acquire professional experience to help them develop their career.

The paid Trainings or Internships in hotels and restaurants in USA require an initial investment of about USD1200 to USD4000 depending of the employer and program length.

It is important to mention that the initial investment is recovered with the salary earned during the internship. To apply directly with a Sponsor does not represent any savings to the Candidates and in fact some Sponsors do not accept direct applicants as they rely on the Agencies.

Requirements to apply to an Internship:

  • To be between 18 and 36 years old
  • To be a regular student or graduated with a Higher Education Diploma or Bachelor Degree in a related field from a non-US based Institution. Otherwise to have 5 documented years of related working experience in the Industry.
  • To have from 6 to 12 months of recent working experience in the position you want to apply.
  • To have conversational English level (this requirement will be higher for positions in direct contact with the guests)
  • To have enough funds to afford the cost of the program, Visa, flight ticket, etc.

Start Dates:

There are no specific start dates for the Internships in hotels in United States so we recruit Candidates throughout the year.

Legal Frame:

pasantias-rentadas-en-hoteles-de-eeuuThe Internship program in USA has been stablished in 1961 by the Department of Estate with the purpose to increase the mutual understanding with different cultures and to provide the opportunity to share and learn other cultures. These programs allow the Participant to work in hotels and restaurants in the United States with the objective to have a professional development and to get the American know-how in the field of study while learning and sharing customs and cultural differences.

For a successful Internship Program there must co-exist 3 important players.

  • Hosting Company: US Company interested in the programs who contacts an authorized US Government Sponsor to administer the program.
  • Sponsor: an US organization who is contacted by a Hosting Company to administer the program and s who sponsors the Candidate’s Visa being responsible for him during his stay in USA. The Sponsor recruits Interns thru agencies as CAUX Hospitality throughout the world.
  • Participant (Intern): is the person interested in doing the internship in an US hosting company.


The duration of the contract may vary from 3 to 18 months but the majorities are of 6, 12 or 18 months (this last one is only for middle-management positions). Upon conclusion of the internship the Intern has the right to remain in the United States as a tourist for 1 more month. It is the responsibility of the employee to pay for the flight ticket.

Type of Programs:

There are 2 type of Programs.

  • Direct Placement Program: Participant who do not have an Internship Offer yet so want to apply to any of our openings with pre-approved employers.
  • Self-Placement Program: Participants who already have an Internship Offer from a US employer, in this case the Intern will have to present the DS7002 form provided by his employer. Then CAUX Hospitality will process all the required documentation to obtain the Visa.


The Internships in United States are Paid which means that the Intern will earn a monthly salary from the employerpasantias-en-hoteles-de-usa. Salaries are paid every 15 days or once a month depending on the company and they may range from USD1200 per month for an entry level positions to USD4000 per month for higher positions. In addition to that salaries will be according to the city where the Intern is living because not every city in the United States has the living cost. In any case the salary earned will be enough to cover all the expenses during the stay in United States paying the rent  (usually in a shared apartment), meals, going out, etc. In many cases and also depending on how well you administer your money you will be able to save enough money to recover the investment done for the program.

Program Cost:

It is important to mention that CAUX Hospitality is different to other Agencies because we do not ask for any cash advance to start the process. The Participant will pay the Internship after successfuly passing all the interviews and getting the signed offer from the employer. The cost of the program is financially assisted by the Sponsor therefore the Intern will only have to pay an initial amount of about USD1600 and then monthly allotments from USD100 paid from the begining of the internship and during the entire program.

What is included in the Cost of the Program:

  • Assistance to the Participant to choose to best program matching to his profile, revision and guidance to prepare the Participant’s CV according to the US format.
  • Video-conference Interview with the Hosting Company (employer)
  • Pre-departure orientation before to travel to USA
  • Frequent inspections to the hotel/restaurant run by a Team of Program Managers from the beginning to the end of the program.
  • 24hrs. Emergency 0800 telephone line
  • DS2019 form to apply for the J1 Visa
  • DS7002 form which has all the program details as required by the US Department of Estate (those applying on a self-placement must provide the form).
  • Medical Insurance in case of injuries during the entire program according to the US Government requirements.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation in the US.
  • Participant’s Manual with all the required information.

What is NOT included in the Program:

  • SEVIS fee (Student Exchange Visitor Information System): USD 180
  • Flight Ticket to the city where the Participant will do the internship. It is not necessary to purchase a round trip ticket (approx. USD1000).
  • Accommodation and meals (some hosting companies provide assistance)
  • US Consular J1 Visa fee: USD160
  • In the case of “Self-Placement Program” the Sponsor must visti the Hosting Company before to approve the program: ask for extra cost.
  • To have about USD800/1200 for initial personal costs (accommodation and meals) and also to show to the Immigration Officers when arriving to the United States.
Concept Cost
SEVIS fee USD 180
Visa J1 USD 160
Fligth Ticket (aprox.) USD 1000
Bank and Administrative Costs USD 140
Pocket Money USD 800 / USD 1200
Total Additional Costs USD 2280 / USD 2680

Who are the Employers (Hosting Companies)?:

The internships and training programs in hotels usually take place in well-known hotel chain such as Hyatt, W Hotels, Marriott, Sheraton, Dolce, Hilton, etc. or in high end independent or chain restaurants.


Depending on the Internship offer the accommodation might be provided or not by the Employer for free or at some cost, If the employer does not provide accommodation then the Intern will have to look for ithimself. The Sponsor may assist him however it is his responsibility to do the search and take care of the rent. It is very common that few Interns rent and share an appartment together.

Documentation Required:

In case to be interested in the Internshjp Program in USA you will be required to present the following documents:

  • Passport Copy: valid for the entire duration of the program. If you do not have it you can process it in a later stage.
  • At least 1 reference letter or performance evaluation from previous jobs.
  • Copy of your Diploma from a Higher Education Institute or University or a Certificate stating that you are a Regular Student.
  • Any other certificate you might consider appropiate.

Paid Internship opportunities in United States:

If you are interested in any of our Hotel Internships in United States we strongly advise you to do not delay your desicion as there are limited openings and many Applicants. Openings are updated weekly so if there is nothing of your interest you can still submit your CV so we can evaluate it. To apply you just need to send your CV to Before to submit your CV we advise you to read our “Tips to make your CV”.


FAQs about Internship Programs in United States:

Yes, after you have paid the program you will receive your Medical Insurance Policy which will be activated upon your arrival to the United States. It is valid for your entire internship and also for 1 month after you finish your training so you are also covered in case you want to travel around the country.

Yes, 18 years old is the minimum and 36 is the maximum age.

Yes, we are located in Buenos Aires however we recruit personnel from all countries and nationalities in Latin America and some other countries. In addition it is not necessary to travel to Buenos Aires to do the interview as you can also do it on skype.

The required English level will mainly depend of the position you will perform however you must be able to keep a conversation. It is important to mention that interviews are conducted in English in person or via skype therefore if you cannot keep a conversation and understand what they are telling you then there is no point to apply. For those positions in direct contact with the guests the level required is higher and in many cases it is necessary to speak other languages.

Usually you work 8 hours per day 5 days a week but of course it will depend on the time of the year and season, business needs, etc.

The Candidate does not pay anything before to pass all the interviews and the formal job offer sent.

Yes, however before to apply again you must spend 2 years working out of the United States and the new internship must be in a different or higher level position. For example if your first internship was as Assistant Cook the second internship must be as Demi Chef de Partie or above.

It is not necessary to hold a J1 Visa to apply. In case you are selected by the employer the company will provide you with all the required documentation to apply for the Visa.

You won’t be able to continue with the process and you will get some reimbursement.

Yes, even the lowest pay salaries cover all your living expenses including the rent of the apartment, meals, transportation, etc. and some positions will also allow you to save some money. It is very common that Interns share the accommodation between them in order to reduce costs and save more money. It is important to mention that an Intern will get the same salary as an American citizen doing the same job, in fact the Intern will also pay taxes (which can later recover) therefore they can perfectly live with the money they get.

Yes, you can stay 1 more month after you finish your internship.

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