Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 21 years old is the minimum age to apply and there is no maximum. For certain positions such as Youth Counselors the minimum age is 20 years old.

Upon completion of his contract onboard the employee returns home to spend about 2 months on vacation. After that period of time and if both parties agree then the employee returns back onboard to do an additional contract and so on.

No, the employee signs a contract for a set period of time and after his well-deserved vacations at home if both parties agree then the employee returns for an additional contract and so on. Every time that the employee joins the ship will sign a new contract. The ideal is to hire committed Candidates with the intension to do more than 1 contract.

Yes, the law which regulates the employment onboard any kind of ship around the world is the MCL 2006 (Maritime Labor Convention 2006) which is regulated by the WLO (World Labor Organization) and the IMO (International Maritime Organization). The law is quite extensive but those who are interested can easy google and download it by typing MLC2006.

In general terms it is not possible because companies cannot guarantee that both join together on the same ship at the same time therefore in order to avoid issues they usually do not accept 2 or more Candidates applying together.

It is not necessary to hold a C1/D Visa to apply for a job. If you don’t have it the company will provide you all the documentation needed so you can apply for it.

The employee gets his contract before to travel and he signs the original onboard upon arrival to the ship.

The duration of the contract depends of the company and the position. Even though the contracts onboard are of 6/8/9/10 months the relation between the company and the employee is indefinite. After completing the 6/8/9/10 months onboard, whatever corresponds, the employee will rest for about 1,5/2 months at home in which period the he/she does not receive any salary (salaries are only paid while onboard except for management positions). Therefore you will be able to work onboard a cruise ship for many years, some of them do it for their entire life.

Yes, we can only consider Candidates with previous recent experience in the position they want to apply.

Yes, however it will have to be approved by the company. All companies have their own policy regarding tattoos so depending of the cruise line and the job to perform it may be approved or not.

The duration of the process will depend of the cruise line company and the time and interest invested by the employee but in general terms from the time you have the interview with CAUX till you join the ship you may wait for 2 to 6 months. For that reason we always suggest to do all the paper work on time.

Yes, we are located in Buenos Aires however we recruit personnel from all countries and nationalities in Latin America and some other countries. In addition it is not necessary to travel to Buenos Aires to do the interview as you can also do it on skype.

While working onboard the ship you will have some hours off but not entire days off because you are expected to work 7 days a week during the entire contract.

You will work about 10/11 hours per day (70/77 hours per week) which are usually split in 2 shifts of no more than 6 hours in a row. Some days you may work 14 hrs. (which as per the MLC2006 this is the maximum that you can work) while some other days you will do 8 hours. It mainly depends on the itinerary, the position, the ship’s occupancy, etc.

The required English level will mainly depend of the position you will perform onboard however you must be able to keep a conversation. It is important to mention that interviews are conducted in English in person or via skype therefore if you cannot keep a conversation and understand what they are telling you then there is no point to apply. For those positions in direct contact with the guests the level required is higher and in many cases it is necessary to speak other languages.

No, those who do not have a higher education Diploma can still apply however most management positions require a Higher Diploma or Bachelor Degree.

Employees have access to many amenities and facilities onboard which are exclusively dedicated to the crew: cafeteria, bar, internet cafe, laundry, gym, movies, games, disco, solarium and swimming pool (only available in some ships).

Yes, there are activities organized for the crew every week such as bingo, karaoke, disco, art auctions, fitness classes, special dinners and lunches, shore excursions, etc.

Missing the ship is considered a serious matter unless it is due to cause of force nature. If there is no valid reason, in most cases the employee will be dismissed and sent back home without possibility of future employment.

Generally speaking the ship sails during the night (from 6pm onwards) and arrives to the next port during the morning of the next day (at about 8am or 9am). On average about 60% to 70% of the days the ship calls a port (called port days) and the rest of the days it sails all day (called sea days). Then if the cruise length is of 10 days then you may have about 3 or 4 days at sea.

Yes, during your free time you can do whatever you want, go to the gym, watch movies, take a nap, etc. and of course if the ship is in port you can go on land to visit the place. The only thing you have to make sure is to return on time to work and of course to not miss the ship.

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