Brand Representations

CAUX Hospitality provides representation, comercialization y promotional services to companies from the Hospitality and Tourism Industry which do not have an office or permanent staff in the region.

We act as a nexus between companies from abroad and its local clients providing them an excellent service and all the support at a lower cost.

Promotion & Sales of your Products and Services
Assistance in the organization of FAM tours
Dseigns, Set-up and Attendance of booth in Fairs
Products Launching
Training and Incentives to Sales Channel
Sales Representations
Market Analysis
Distribution of Marketing Material
Online Marketing Campaigns
Strategic Marketing Alliances

Our job is to develop and maintain a close contact with the market in order to create long lasting relationships and alliances with the different players. We continuously keep them inform of the new products and services of our Clients, whether it be the Final Customer or a Travel Agency, Wholesale Tour Operator, Airline, etc.

Our Representation Service is thought to Cruise Line Companies, Hotels, Airlines, Car Rentals, Tourism Promotional Offices, Industry Schools, etc.

Our Team is integrated by professionals with vast experience in the Hospitality Industry and Marketing which provide us with the necessary tools to strengthen our clients presence in the market and as a consequence potentiate their sales.